SINGLE DAY Neonatal Ventilation 16, 17,18 May 2023

16 - 18 May 2023

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The course is suitable for neonatal and paediatric consultants, trainees and nurse practitioners who want to have a good understanding of the principles of ventilation and wish to advance their training in this area. The course is 3 days long. Day 1 introduces basic concepts of ventilation. Days 2 and 3 deal with more advanced concepts of ventilatory practice with practical sessions in the afternoon. While days 2 and 3 build on the topics discussed on day 1, any of the days can be completed alone.



  • Intubation and video laryngoscopy
  • Basic respiratory physiology
  • Conventional ventilation modes (CMV, SIMV, SIPPV and PSV)
  • Volume targeted ventilation
  • Responding to blood gases and emergencies of ventilated infants
  • Neonatal chest X-ray interpretation
  • Waveforms, loops and patient-ventilator interactions
  • Monitoring ventilation
  • NAVA ventilation
  • HFOV and HFOV-VG
  • Nasal SIPPV and nasal HFOV
  • Disease specific ventilation strategies
  • Point of care lung ultrasound
  • Nitric oxide in the term and preterm infant
  • Echocardiography of the ventilated infant
  • Management of PPHN
  • Ventilation case reviews
  • Practical sessions:

    Practical sessions will be both on days 2 and 3 between 14:00 – 17:00. During them faculty members will present and discuss common clinical scenarios for small groups of participants using various neonatal ventilator models set up for use with artificial lungs. There will also be a video-laryngoscopy session where delegates can learn and practice the use of these devices.

    Course organizer:

    Dr Gusztav Belteki


    • Dr Gusztav Belteki (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Anna Curley (Dublin, Ireland)
    • Dr Theodor Dassios (London, UK)
    • Dr Shazia Hoodbhoy (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Jackie Hughes (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Sajeev Job (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Zoltan Molnar (Oxford, UK)
    • Dr Gautham Rajendran (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Christoph Ruegger (Zurich, Switzerland)
    • Dr Sandeep Shetty (London, UK)
    • Dr Yogen Singh (Cambridge, UK)
    • Dr Nadya Yousef (Paris, France)

    Course fee (per single day booked):

    £495.00 (£450 East of England / £360 Addenbrooke's)

    Please be advised that your course fee is refundable for up to 14 days following your application. Thereafter course fees are non-refundable.

    RCPCH CPD approval has been sought for this course

    Pharmaceutical sponsorship has been sought for this course.

    This course takes place at:

    Madinghely Hall, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AQ

    The organisation is one which contracts Madingley Hall for the use of facilities, but which otherwise has no connection or association with Madingley Hall or the University of Cambridge

    2023-05-16 09:00:00 – 2023-05-16 17:00:00

    2023-05-17 09:00:00 – 2023-05-17 17:00:00

    2023-05-18 09:00:00 – 2023-05-18 17:00:00

    Course Administrator

    Jonathan Northrop

    Course Location

    The course takes place at:

    Madingley Hall, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AQ

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